WKM Watch Cleansing Spray: Deep Clean & Shine

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40 ml.
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06 January 2021

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WKM Watch Cleaning Spray (40 ml.)


  • Suitable for stainless watch straps, leather watch straps and metal watch straps.
  • You can easily clean your jewelry at home without using cleaning service burdensomely.
  • Long service life and can be used until the solution runs out.


How to use

  1. Spray WKM Watch Cleaning Spray directly on the watch that needs to be cleaned.
  2. Use a soft brush to clean around the crannies of the watch such as the back of the watch or the watch strap.
  3. Wash with clean water and dry it.


Cleaning Tips:

  • For leather watch straps, spray our product on tissues and wipe it out then wipe it with damp tissues and a dry cloth respectively.
  • For golden watch straps or 2-tones watch straps, we recommend you to use WKM Silver & Gold Polishing Cloth to eliminate dirt and reveal your shine and bring watch straps ever.