WKM Pearl & Gems - Caring Foam

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40 ml.
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06 January 2021

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WKM Pearls & Gems Cleansing Foam (40 ml.)


  •  Suitable for a pearl that unable to expose to water such as a pearl necklace.
  •  Contains Deep Clean ingredients to keep your jewelry clean.
  •  You can easily clean your jewelry at home without using cleaning service burdensomely.
  • The latest technology as Non-Rinse foam can be wiped with a clean cloth or a damp cloth (In case of sensitive skin).
  •  Long service life and can be used until the solution runs out.



How to use

  1. Spray WKM Pearls & Gems Cleansing Foam directly to the jewelry to be cleaned.
  2. Rub thoroughly with fingers and use a clean cloth to wipe - For sensitive skin, wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it.


Cleaning Tips:

  • - For jewelry with pearl and gems as a component, we recommend you to use WKM Pearl&Gems Cleasing Spray for the maximum cleanness.