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“Our products must be usable and worth the customer’s money.  Reasonable price matches its quality. Assured quality and guaranteed satisfaction. Our products must be safe and quality. Without one of these elements, Wongkamol Company will never supply the product to the market.”


Mr. Paiboon Dechsuwankamol

(Founder of Wongkamol Group and Chief of Product Research and Development Team)

Wongkamol (Thailand) Company Limited was founded in 1982 by Mr. Paiboon and Mrs. Kamolhong Dejsuwankamol aiming to develop cleaning products. We emphasize on product quality and consumer safety. All products produced by Wongkamol (Thailand) Company Limited have been approved by Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health (FDA) regarding the use of non-hazardous chemicals before they are manufactured and distributed to the market. This is to assure domestic and foreign customers of our products.

The Company has been improving its products to meet the customers’ needs. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

The main objective of Wongkamol (Thailand) Company Limited is to develop new products, maintain, and improve the existing products continuously. We focus on satisfying the needs of our customers in compliance with international business ethics standard.

Wongkamol (Thailand) Company Limited develops its product under the brand “WKM” (WONGKAMOL). It supplies its products to foreign markets through distribution agency. From its foundation to the present, WKM’s products are on the markets in many countries, including Belgium, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and South Africa. In addition, the Company offers OEM production under the brands of domestic and foreign customers, such as England, America, Italy, Australia, and Finland.

From the past to present, Wongkamol (Thailand) Company Limited has been expertly inventing and developing cleaning products. The Company is proud and confident in its potential and capability to manufacture, develop, and present high quality and safe products.